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Customer Review


"Love love love the convenience. No holes to drill, easiest curtain brackets. Perfect for my travel trailer as well as my house." - Penny Harris


"I need a cheap alternative to create a private space around my bed, my lounge and bedroom in one room. So these pole mounts glued to the ceiling are my best idea so far. And the cheapest..." - White Buffalo


"Totally LOVED this product. I had a door with a top window area that I needed to cover. Can’t drill into aluminum door. So I bought these brackets. You MUST FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS Exactly as package gives. Here is what I did!! 1. I cleaned the surface well. 2. Then dried it. 3. Adhered the brackets 4. MOST IMPORTANT!!!!! LET IT STAY AND ADHEAR TO THE PLACE FOR A MINIMUM OF 24 hours. 5. Now hang your curtain. Will buy it again for another door." - Rosendo