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3D colorful firework lights

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The 3D colorful firework light can be installed in any medium-sized base lamp or chandelier. The unique decorative bulb is very suitable for parties, weddings, dormitories, etc. And it is easy to add a unique appearance to any room.

product features

  • The light emitted by these LED bulbs is non-dimmable and they make for a highly efficient energy source.
  • They have an average life of 10,000 hours and can fit a standard light socket.
  • They are equipped with an instant on feature, which allows them to glow at full capacity even at subzero temperatures.
  • The unique special decorative lights will change when lit, resulting in a 3D flame effect appearance; great room decoration
  • 3D pyrotechnic effect LED party bulbs add color to the terrace, office, home, party, wedding or any festive occasion


  • Material:glass
  • Weight:150g
  • Size:

Products include:1 x 3D colorful firework lights