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Micro Blocks Titanic Model Toy Building Sets

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About this item

  • 1860 pieces micro blocks, This Titanic Model is more challenging and difficult than the building blocks of traditional size, and requires more patience and carefulness of people. However, the ornamental quality after completion is better than the traditional building blocks.
  • Compared with the traditional size building blocks, the micro building blocks toy has better compactness, higher occlusion between the building blocks, and the finished titanic toys model is not easy to scatter. It has high ornamental value when placed at home or on the desk.
  • Due to the large number of Micro Blocks, the size is smaller than the traditional one, please try to classify the particles before stitching. Although we usually have a small amount of extra in the package for some small particles that are easy to lose, we still hope not to lose particles in the stitching process as much as possible. I believe you will get a high sense of achievement after the completion.
  • The Titanic symbolizes romantic love, embodies the true meaning of love and is widely shared by the world. I suggest that adults should accompany children to finish the splice.
  • Good gift choice for children or adults, it can exercise hands-on ability and independent thinking ability, and it is also a good test for patience and carefulness. Be sure to stick to it, so you will not only enjoy the joy of the stitching process, but also receive a very exquisite Titanic model.

    Product Description

    The Titanic Model(1860pcs)

    Titanic Model