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Solar Powered Guarding Owl LED Garden Lights

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These magnificent LED Owls Lamps will work for you 24/7!

Just imagine the first time your family, friends or relatives walk into your decorated garden where these little owls majestically glow.


Stick these beautiful Owl lamps anywhere in your garden and patio for a truly unique and beautiful atmosphere.


Owl Solar LED Lamp

Beautiful Garden Decoration Ornament

The resin owl statue will be a lively decoration in the day time, glow warm and lights in the night.

Owl solar light for garden

3 Owls solar powered LED Lights

Fine Art Work

The lamp is elegantly designed, paying attention to fine details, making it a beautiful garden ornament and landscape addition on its own.

white owl solar garden light


Two Beautiful Designs

Eco-Friendly Energy Saving Technology

The built-in solar panel charges during daylight hours and will automatically illuminate the night in an astonishing display. This will save you a nice sum off your electricity bill.

Solar Powered Owl garden light


waterproof owl Solar led garden light


Easy Fast Installation

owl solar light installation

Will these Owl lights protect your garden from pests such as rabbits, squirrels, and rodents? Honestly, this hasn't been tested thoroughly enough, but it would make some sense, and it sure makes a wonderful addition to your garden, won't it?


- Material: ABS + PC.
- Owl statue: 15cm height.
- Total:43cm height.
- Solar Panel: 1.2V/600mah
- Light Color: Warm White
- Auto on at night and auto off at sunrise.