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The Silly Feather Cat Toy

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The best way to kep your cat busy and active !

We all want our cats to be healthy and happy. And when it comes to indoor cats, it’s important for them to receive enough mental and physical stimulation through things like dedicated playtime. Here is the best way to keep your cat entertained while you’re out of the house.

✔️  Prevent your cat from being overweight by being more active
✔️  Avoid boredom by the spring that constantly changes the hole.
✔️  Avoid lack of attention of your cat. 

How it works ?
Thanks to its intelligent sensor, the Silly Feather Cat toy can work by reacting to your cat's movements. It allows them to let their energy out and have fun by simulating hunting skills.
If your cat stops playing, the Silly Feather will automatically go to sleep to save battery life. The 800 mAh battery needs only one recharge per week for 50 minutes of play per day.  

Keep your pet busy for hours !
Finally, you don't have to feel guilty when you leave the house in the morning. 
Our cat toy keeps your kitty busy for hours! The batteries can keep the spring running for hours.A safe way to keep your cat busy! 
The box is made of ABS Eco-friendly materials, has no sharp edges and has a soft spring, so your cat can't hurt itself.

Smart and Interactive Technology
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Why I need the Silly Feather ?
Is your cat overweight and needs more activity ? 
Are you worried that your cat will feel lonely when you leave the house ?
Does your cat interrupt you while you are working and studying ? 
Yes,I want it!

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