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❤️ Trendy 3D Tattoo Stickers 50 PCS

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These are temporary 3D tattoo stickers that last for more than a week!


With accurate shadow design, they create realistic 3D illusions for the most eye-catching tattoos. 



  • Themed 3D Realistic Tattoo Stickers
    We offer 50 sheets with different themes including a set of flowers, butterflies, feathers, insert, etc., allowing you to personalize your tattoo style.


  • Temporary Tattoos
    Won't leave any mark or permanent tattoo after removal.
  • Long Lasting
    Generally lasts for >1 week with proper care. 
  • 100% Waterproof / Anti-fading
    You can enjoy beach or pool party time without washing off your tattoo!
  • Easy to Apply
    Simply wet the tattoos and place them on the skin for ~30 seconds. Also easy to remove tattoos by rubbing with baby oil/ makeup remover.
  • Applicable on Any Part
    Works on any part of your skin like arms, wrists, ankles, necks, shoulders, legs, etc.


  • Fun For All Ages
    Perfect for both kids and adults!

Use Method:

  1. Cut out the tattoo and remove the transparent film.
  2. Place tattoo and face it down on skin.
  3. Wet the tattoo thoroughly with a sponge or towel.
  4. After 20-30 seconds, gently remove the back paper.
  5. Ready to last after the tattoo completely dries.


  1. Rub the tattoo with baby oil or makeup remover.
  2. Peel the tattoo off.


  • Material:Tattoo paper
  • Style:Floral,Butterfly
  • Product size:5*7cm
  • Product weight:10g
  • Package includes: Trendy 3D Tattoo Stickers*1/2Set(Contains 50/100 pcs)